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How To Eat For AMAZING Results

So I was at the O2 last night, watching 3/5th’s of Take That in concert…

‘Twas an excellent show and I think most people would enjoy it even if they were not a fan…

…unless you have a penchant for “Death Metal” and are into Slipnot or Nepalm Death :)

Before the show, we ate at Rodizio Rico, the Brazilian BBQ place.

Great food if you are a carnivore, not so great if you are a herbivore.

Now what’s this got to do with health & fitness I hear you saying?

Well, let me tell you :)

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How To Lose Twice The Body Fat In Half The Time :)

If you are thinking of hitting the gym this weekend, you might want to give this routine a try…

I mentioned it about a month ago but it’s really been working rather well for me so I thought it was worth sharing again.

A couple of my clients have been using this to great affect.

The great news is that it can be started and finished within 30mins…

The bad news is that it’s barbarous if performed correctly.

***5min warmup on the WattBike***

Cycle at a reasonable pace, ensuring your legs are warm and your breathing fairly heavy.


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6 Things Killing YOUR Fat Loss

It’s Wednesday!

The Tony Robbins blog I promised you from Monday is ===> Here

I took 17 pages of notes over 4 days and condensed it all into this one blog post for you guys….check it out as I think you may enjoy it…

…remember, all you need is one piece of info that can change the course of you life.

In the meantime.

So many myths in and around the gym…

…so many people not getting the results they desire.

Here are 6 myths that are seriously killing your results from the gym and your fat loss.

#1 Eating carbs after 7pm will make you gain weight (fat)

Fact – it’s the overconsumption of calories that causes weight gain. It doesn’t matter one bit when you consume your carbs…BUT…you have to earn them

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