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The BEST Breakfast in The World!

The good ol’ meat and nut breakfast…

…with a twist.

You’ve heard me talk about it many times, too many times for many I’m sure but for those that are not sure what, why or how, let me break it down.


The pic above was my breakfast on Monday morning.

Rump steak, steamed spinach and sixteen macadamia nuts.

Why sixteen?

Coz that’s how many I grabbed!


So what are the benefits of the meat and nut breakfast and why would you want to do this whenever you can?

This concept came originally from Charles Poliquin about ten years ago.

I’ve written about this before but I want to update you again as I had forgotten how effective it can be as a tool to have in your “fat loss arsenal”

I’m a big believer in a carb free or a low carb breakfast for most people.

Note that I say most.

Some people can tolerate carbs in the morning or rather, are able to process them effectively.

We can all tolerate them.

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Tim Ferris & Charles Poliquin

I was listening to a great podcast the other day with Tim Ferris and Charles Poliquin.

For those that don’t know Tim Ferris, he wrote the “4 hour workweek” and the “4 hour body”

He is basically looks at successful people, people like billionaires, top sportsman and entrepreneurs and examines what makes them tick, their morning routines, picks apart how and why they are so successful in their field…

…and then tries to improve on that.

This is commonly known as “life hacking”

Basically getting something done in life, quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Charles Poliquin is considered to be one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

He has had Olympic medalists in about 18 different sports…

…suffice to say he knows his onions.

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HIIT is The Way To Go!

Page 27 of the Evening Standard on Monday night said…

“How to burn twice the calories in half the time”

Anyone read the article?

To summarise very quickly, it said that “HIIT” or high intensity interval training was the way to go.

No SH*T Sherlock!

Tom and I have been mentioning this for about fifteen years and four years on this newsletter alone.

But I’m pretty positive most of you reading this are keeping your workouts short and the intensity high…

Aren’t you? :)

The scientific data is actually fairly ambiguous to be honest but let’s say that the results in terms of fat loss were exactly the same…

…do you want to spend 1hour on a treadmill or in a PT session or would you prefer to be done and dusted in 30mins or less and back at your desk within the hour?

I think we know the answer to that.

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