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Eat Like This = Look Like a Pregnant Water Buffalo!

I had a great response from Monday’s newsletter.

It would appear that many of you have left if to the last minute before your holiday this year to get in shape,

So the “one week last desperate attempt to shed some fat plan” went down a treat :)

If you missed this then catch up here <<<<====

BUT…I made a big mistake which was pointed out by two people and no doubt noted by several others…

I said to eat 75kg of carbohydrate when I should have said 75g.

BIG difference.

Like a 1000 times bigger.

Now I know you all like carbs…I love carbs, but if you eat 75kg of carbs in one day, which so happens to be enough carbs for nearly 3 years…

…you will be more bloated than a pregnant water buffalo which is not a good look, trust me :)

That aside, a few people asked why I had a mix of low intensity and high intensity cardio in the plan

And why was low intensity cardio even there when I always seem to favour high intensity

Good question.

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Egg White Omelette

Today I want to talk to you about something that really bugs me.

It’s something that I see every week in the popular media and particularly in fitness circles which makes it even more frustrating.

The egg white omelette.

I guess that it was borne out of the idea that the yolk has fat in it and can give you high cholesterol. Supposedly.

Let me say one thing.


Stop eating this bland, rubber, half-baked excuse of an omelette and keep the yolks.

This is why.

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Open For Grass Fed Steak

Read on and we’ll show you how to get some of the best grass fed meat in the business…..

If you want results then it all starts from the start of the day and this sets up fat loss/improved body composition and success or failure from the start of the day. Combine this with other teachings in our 14 Day Fat Furnace™ book and what we write either in these newsletters, in our blog or at our talks and you’re on track to looking better in your undies and feeling better as a result.We won’t even go into all the health benefits and the potential life extension factors from living a healthier lifestyle.
It’s respect to your loving family and friends to eat well and exercise because if you get sick as a result of inactivity and poor food choices then you burden them with looking after you…. Just saying 😉
One of the ways to eat well is to get your food from sources you trust. We will feature some of the companies we use in the coming weeks.
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