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Carbs Are EVIL :)

Many of you reading this will be pleased to know that I put on 5 pounds over Christmas and New Year.

Just over 2kg for those that prefer the metric system

^^^What this means is that I’m exactly like you^^^

I said to myself, ” If I want it, I’m gonna have it”

So I did

I wanted a bottle of Prosecco with my breakfast of scrambled eggs on a cinnamon and raisin bagel… I had it

I may have been slightly inebriated by 11am but who cares?

I really fancied a second bowl of trifle after we demolished the cheese board my mum laid out at 8pm that night.

So I had it

Btw, a cheese board has the ability to conquer the world….


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Cardio Sucks

“Cardio sucks”

said one of my clients….

“As long as we don’t have to do lots of running and sitting on the bike, I will be happy, ”
she said….

My client had been told that to burn fat effectively, she would need to do lots of cardio, hence her comment…

The look on her face was priceless when I told her we wouldn’t set foot on a treadmill and that the stationary cycle would be gathering dust.

“The most effective way to burn body fat is with heavy weight training,” I said.

“We will also incorporate exercises like weighted sled pushes/pulls and heavy farmers walk into your programme. These exercises are highly anabolic”.

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Welcome To The 5am Club

5am club

I want to talk to you about something that has changed my life.

I don’t say it lightly when I say that.

This has literally changed the way I think about everything in life.

The way I speak to people, my outlook on life, my mood and my productivity.

I have been getting up at 5am every day, 7 days per week since the 1st April.

It wasn’t planned that I start on the 1st April ; it just seemed to turn out that way.

Now I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking, ” how can getting up at 5am every day be beneficial in any way, shape or form?”, never mind change my life.

Allow me to explain… Some of you may have heard of Robin Sharma, but many of you won’t have.

Robin Sharma is the author of 15 books, a leadership expert and motivational speaker from Toronto.

He is considered as a bit of a “guru” within the personal development world.

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