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Fat In A Bottle

So I hope we are all in agreement that most smoothies aren’t that great for us right?

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a situation that occurred just two days ago.

Allow me to explain myself –

Wednesday 730am. In walks Lucy, my 730am client.

“Gav, do you want this greens smoothie, they are giving them out at Liverpool St station?” (see pic above)

I then proceeded to explain to her the problem with a drink like this. In fact, it’s downright criminal that they can get away as touting this as a health drink.

I like to keep this newsletter very positive and today will be no different except I am seriously gonna lay into this product so please allow me to rant as I please :)

On analysis of the drink, cleverly called “The NAKED truth” I see the following written on the side.

“A pound of fruit in every bottle”

“Not from concentrate”

“No added sugar”

“Gently pasteurised”

“An arsenal of 10 supercool ingriedients”

Let’s examine each point and discover what each point really means.

“A pound of fruit in every bottle”

The very notion of this suggests that the more fruit they can pack into one bottle, the healthier it is and that it’s something to be proud of. The full fruit content is three and half apples, one small pineapple, one banana, a third of a kiwi and a third of a mango.

To start with, who on earth eats about 7 pieces of fruit in one sitting?

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Cheat Your Way Thin

The good old cheat meal. Can you really cheat your way thin? Does it work, how often can you use it and how do you use it correctly are the questions I hear time and time again from my clients.

I have talked about this before in a previous post on the blog but I want to reexamine this again today as many still don’t realise how an effective tool this can be in the fat loss arsenal.

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So I went to Scotland last Friday for a weekend of adventure with my daughter Mia. We had a great time and one of the highlights of our trip was the search for The Loch Ness monster. 

Mia and I went up and down Loch Ness in a speed boat for over one and half hours looking for Nessie and we couldn’t find her much to Mia’s dismay, so much so that she made the statement “maybe she has died Daddy and has sunk to the bottom”.  I replied, “yes, maybe that’s it.”

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