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The “Lose Fat in 7 Days” Plan – It’s Possible :)

Someone asked me the other week…

“If I have one week left before I go on holiday, what can I do to look my very best around the pool?”

I said ” Forget it, it’s too late. You needed to start 8 weeks ago… :)”

This reminds me of the old Chinese proverb.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Many people leave getting in shape to the last minute and then get frustrated when they don’t get results just literally a few weeks before an event like a holiday, wedding or birthday.

You can’t do much in 7 days but this is what you COULD do, if push comes to shove.

Here is the…

…”lose as much fat as possible and look good for the beach in 7 days plan”

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How To Lose Twice The Body Fat In Half The Time :)

If you are thinking of hitting the gym this weekend, you might want to give this routine a try…

I mentioned it about a month ago but it’s really been working rather well for me so I thought it was worth sharing again.

A couple of my clients have been using this to great affect.

The great news is that it can be started and finished within 30mins…

The bad news is that it’s barbarous if performed correctly.

***5min warmup on the WattBike***

Cycle at a reasonable pace, ensuring your legs are warm and your breathing fairly heavy.


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3 Things You Should do To Ensure Fitness SUCCESS!


How was the weekend?

I was thinking about what are the key ingredients for getting results in the gym and it basically comes down to a few points…

…here are 3 areas you can start working on today!

1) You work harder on your diet than you do in the gym.

Nearly everyone I know, works harder on their training and leaves their nutrition flagging behind…

…this means inferior results.

Are you eating 2 x your bodyweight in KG in grams of protein every day?

E.G. 70kg bodyweight = 140g protein daily

Are you eating a source of good fats with every meal?

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