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Exercise – A Helpful Hand In Fighting Cancer

Most people already know that physical activity is a big part of a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of many types of cancer. However, what many people don’t realize is that exercise can also help those already diagnosed with cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute’s fact sheet on physical activity and cancer, research indicates that people who engage in a physical fitness routine after a cancer diagnosis have higher energy levels, a greater balance in energy levels, an improved quality of life and a reduced risk of cancer reoccurrence.

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Supercharge your Workouts Part 2

This post is a follow-on from my Tips to Supercharge your Workout post. I strongly recommend that you re-read and really understand that initial post first and apply the steps before applying these new ones. Rome was not built-in a day and it’s important to have a strong foundation first, in order to build and advance on.

I had some great feedback from those tips and now it’s time to take some of the principles and expand on them to give your bow a few more strings in the quest for maximizing results and interest from your workouts.

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Tips to Supercharge your Workouts – Part 1

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So you hit the gym and pound the iron on a regular basis.

You’re hitting the compound movements. Deads, Squats, Pull-ups, Bench, Military Press.

You’re in a nice groove, but you feel you could be getting more and want to access more gains from the time you put in, just like you did when you started the program.

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