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Orange Juice

Orange Juice

They told us it was healthy. They told us it was what you need EVERY day. What about the vitamin C and it being 1 of you 5 a day? That’s just clever marketing and a complete lie.  It’s all just sugary nonsense.

It’s packaged wonderfully.

Large, bright oranges, literally bursting full of liquid sunshine and energy. How inviting. The truth tells us a real story.

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10 Easy Steps To Fat Loss

So the new year is off to a great start in the world of Ultimate City Fitness.

We just finished  3 days at London Collections : Men, 2013 where we were the resident fitness gurus on site looking after the male models health and well being. Click here to look at the survival guide we wrote for them.

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Weights and protein shakes

Tip 1-

ALWAYS do your weights or resistance training before you do any cardio!

Firstly, this way will actually burn more body fat. The weights will deplete the carbs you have stored in your muscles and liver so that when you do cardio (if you really must ), in theory, you will more likely to tap into your fat stores and use your body fat as a source of fuel. FACT!

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