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3 Things You Should do To Ensure Fitness SUCCESS!


How was the weekend?

I was thinking about what are the key ingredients for getting results in the gym and it basically comes down to a few points…

…here are 3 areas you can start working on today!

1) You work harder on your diet than you do in the gym.

Nearly everyone I know, works harder on their training and leaves their nutrition flagging behind…

…this means inferior results.

Are you eating 2 x your bodyweight in KG in grams of protein every day?

E.G. 70kg bodyweight = 140g protein daily

Are you eating a source of good fats with every meal?

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How Much Protein Do We Really Need?


What does it do?
How much is needed?
How much is optimal?
Why is it so good for fat loss?
And will I get too muscular if I eat lots of it?

I will answer all these questions and more so keep reading. I will keep this as basic as possible so it makes sense but there will be a little bit of science thrown in.

Our muscles are essentially made of protein.

Protein is made up of amino acids and these amino acids are obtained from our food. Foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs and whey protein are the most common and possibly the best quality.

Protein is essential for repair and recovery and if you are working out with resistance training, your protein needs are considerably higher.

Many people will state the fact that a high protein diet is bad for you. Let me make it clear that this is nonsense and there is no convincing data out there that can suggest otherwise to me or many many others that know far more than me on this subject.

Your body only needs about 0.8g/kg of body weight. So if you weigh 60kg you only need 48g of protein per day for general functioning of the body. Note that I mentioned NEED. This is not optimal by any stretch.

So how much is optimal and optimal for what?

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Egg White Omelette

Today I want to talk to you about something that really bugs me.

It’s something that I see every week in the popular media and particularly in fitness circles which makes it even more frustrating.

The egg white omelette.

I guess that it was borne out of the idea that the yolk has fat in it and can give you high cholesterol. Supposedly.

Let me say one thing.


Stop eating this bland, rubber, half-baked excuse of an omelette and keep the yolks.

This is why.

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