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Open For Grass Fed Steak

Read on and we’ll show you how to get some of the best grass fed meat in the business…..

If you want results then it all starts from the start of the day and this sets up fat loss/improved body composition and success or failure from the start of the day. Combine this with other teachings in our 14 Day Fat Furnace™ book and what we write either in these newsletters, in our blog or at our talks and you’re on track to looking better in your undies and feeling better as a result.We won’t even go into all the health benefits and the potential life extension factors from living a healthier lifestyle.
It’s respect to your loving family and friends to eat well and exercise because if you get sick as a result of inactivity and poor food choices then you burden them with looking after you…. Just saying 😉
One of the ways to eat well is to get your food from sources you trust. We will feature some of the companies we use in the coming weeks.
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Home Made Protein Bars! Awesome!!!

Yes once again we have a Facebook post that goes somewhat haywire and attracts a lot of likes. The lure of chocolate does it once again. It’s a shame that every post on out FACEBOOK PAGE is not about giving away iPads or chocolate as then we would have many more likes. Health is just a little boring in comparison 😉

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Fat Burning And Thermogenic Foods

I often get asked by clients in the gym, “what are the best foods to eat to burn fat?”

The answer to that is quite complicated so let me explain :-

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