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The myth of “Bulking up”

Today I want to debunk a few myths about Protein powder and whether you really need a protein shake after a workout. This is aimed at the ladies but it still has relevance for the guys too.

Stereotypically, Protein powder is seen as a supplement that men use if they want to get big or “bulk up” as many people like to call it. Females in particular see guys doing heavy weights and drinking protein shakes and naturally assume that the protein shake is putting the size or the muscle on the guy.

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Weights and protein shakes

Tip 1-

ALWAYS do your weights or resistance training before you do any cardio!

Firstly, this way will actually burn more body fat. The weights will deplete the carbs you have stored in your muscles and liver so that when you do cardio (if you really must ), in theory, you will more likely to tap into your fat stores and use your body fat as a source of fuel. FACT!

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