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6 Week Body Transformations

We run our 6 Week Body Transformation competitions a few times every year. Here’s a few of the competitors…

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Personal Training

If you want the best results then a bespoke, personalised Personal Training session should be your first port of call.

Gavin and Tom pride themselves on their results, here are a few of many examples. right now if you want to lose fat, get toned, feel better, have more energy, sleep better, cope with stress, etc.

The first session is on us and it’s all backed up with our full money back guarantee, that’s how confident we are in helping you help you to hit and surpass your fitness goals!

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Meet Ania….

Meet Ania everybody.


Many of you may remember her testimonial from earlier in the year. Since then, Ania has gone even further with her amazing results in the gym. To top that off, she just got back from her wedding in Poland and wanted to tell her story.

It’s a long testimonial but I wanted to include every word from Ania herself, rather than the watered down version.

Over to Ania…..

Ania Montage


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Meet Katie….

Meet Katie Lowe aka Fat Girl PHd. who is one of my favourite people.

She’s proof that determination, a plan, consistency, drive, pig headedness (I’m sure she’ll be cool with me saying that), overcoming the lows with the highs and every other such terminology that surrounds the topic of GSD – Getting Sh+t Done!

I always liked the saying that goes something like;

There are three types of people in this World, those that makes things happen, those that watch things happening and those that say ‘what happened?’…. Katie is the first!

From over 290 lbs to sub 160 lbs and falling, she is literally half the person she used to be.

We’ve been working together to reform that 160lbs into a lean, not that mean, fighting and loving machine……..

So it’s time to hear what she has to say;

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Meet Duncan……

Meet Duncan ….

Duncan worked with Gav on his goals and was very happy with the results. Great work to them both.

Here’s his testimonial;

“I’m a 37 years old guy and have worked in the City for 13 years.

In October 2012 I was over 15 stone and hadn’t been to the gym in earnest or done any consistent exercise for over 4 years. As with many city workers my lifestyle was extremely unhealthy, late night drinking, smoking and a bad diet. I kept putting off going to the gym, using any excuse not to get started, until one of my friends introduced me to Gav.

I met with him for a consultation to run through what I wanted to achieve and thank God I did because he changed my life.

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Meet Hilary :)

It’s Monday and I’ve got some great news to share with you.

Hilary Cryan has been working very hard in the gym and achieved something pretty special…

…take a look and see what she says.

It’s long but worth the read…

^^^this is the edited version too lol^^^

“One year ago I was bordering on obesity and loathed the way that I looked. 

I was convinced I could lose the weight at any time if I really applied myself but I had been yo-yoing with the same 5 lbs for months. 

During the week, I’d lose 5 lbs through counting calories and running, then blow it on the weekend when I went to the pub.

By Monday, all 5 lbs would be back.

I knew I needed a new strategy and some motivational help, so a friend recommended me to UCF. 

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Meet Lynne :)

My client, Lynne Lowery just got married on Saturday and we’ve been working towards that for a few months now.

I’m going to let Lynne do all the talking here so over to Lynne.

“Late last summer, my new fiancé and I did a butchery course at the Ginger Pig and it was there that I met Gav & Tom.

I could see Gav sizing me up as a future project and talking to him over cote de boeuf, dauphinoise potatoes and red wine!

^^^I didn’t…honest :)^^^

“I admitted what I had secretly known for some time … I was heading towards contented middle age and with the big 50 looming and a wedding to plan for in March, I knew I had somehow slipped into what was probably the worst shape of my life. 

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Meet Mike :)

Friday is upon us once again,

I want to continue the series of testimonials from recent weeks.

Mike is a guy I’ve known for about ten years.

He’d been getting the newsletters like many of you and never taken action with what we talk about.

He’d dip his toe into something now and again but not fully commit.

However, his 50th birthday was fast approaching and Mike remembered that I looked to get into the best shape of my life when I hit 40.

It took hard work, but he did it and I was happy with the results.

Mike decided he was going to go all in for a few months but does not live close enough to train with us. However he was committed to being a great student and here is his story and video;

“A little over one year ago, just as I turned 49 noticed that I was not a slim as I thought I was.  That is the strange thing about having a picture taken when you are relaxed and topless…  It is never as flattering as when you are “prepared”.    So I committed publicly (on Facebook at least) to the following:

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Run Your Own Race

Glorious weather we had yesterday here in London…

…the good news is that today is set to be pretty much the same.

What did you get up to over the weekend?

I was at the gym early Sunday morning for a little bit of cardio to take the edge of the calories consumed on Saturday night…

…home made pizza was the order of the day, followed by cookies and ice cream.


Mine was on the left and had onion, olives, tuna, anchovies and a drop of chipotle hot sauce.

Alex’s was a bit more traditional with mushroom, peppers and chorizo…

…clearly, mine was the best and tasted amazing!

And yes, we watched the X-Factor.

I know, I know, I’m a romantic old soul sometimes; I just can’t help it :)

Alex is a lucky girl.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

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