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7 NATURAL Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

So Usain Bolt wins the 100m and the 200m in the World Championship a few days ago…

…and then gets runs over by a clumsy cameraman on a Segway :)

I’m sure many of you saw this on the TV.

I’m fascinated by sprinting in world athletics and have been since I saw Carl Lewis in 1984 in Los Angeles win four gold medals.

In 1988, the debate on whether these guys were doping really took off after Ben Johnson cruised to victory in a time of 9.79secs and was subsequently stripped of his title after failing a drugs test.

It’s not my intention to go much deeper than this on the subject as it’s quite controversial but the fact of the matter is that humans, given the chance will do whatever they can to improve and win.

History shows us that the Greeks used to eat bulls testicles in the hope of boosting their own testosterone levels to improve performance.

Justin Gatlin, who has previously been banned twice for illegal drug use is back running very close to his previous best whilst using banned substances.

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Meet kirsty :)

Happy Monday.

Let me tell you about Kirsty.

Kirsty came for a nutritional consultation with me a few months….

…she wanted to look at her diet and see what we could do to optimise her energy.

If we could help her “obtain a six pack then that will be OK too” she said.

I suggested she come along to our “Why Supplements” event as I felt she would benefit from this greatly.

I will let Kirsty take it from here.

“I have now been taking the healthpak from USANA for almost 3 months and the differences are significant. I attended the nutrition seminar and listening to the evidence presented and I was convinced.

There have been 3 significant changes that I have noticed since taking the supplements;

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The Power Of Nootropics

Many of you will have seen the film “Limitless”.

For those that haven’t, it’s basically about a guy (Bradley Cooper) that takes a pill and his whole life becomes incredible beyond measure. He learns fluent Italian in a few days, he writes the most amazing book in a week where previously he had taken months to write a few words and he learns to trade in stocks and earn hundreds of millions of dollars literally overnight.


Imagine if we could pop a pill and our results were the same?

Imagine if someone invented something like this and you could achieve anything you wanted in life within a week?

Imagine if your life became limitless?


Well, the truth is this. Someone hasn’t and it’s unlikely they will, at least in my lifetime.

But let me share with you the next best thing.

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