cipro prostate inflammation

Bank Holiday Shenanigans :)

Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I trust you all had a fantastic weekend and Bank Holiday?

Mine was excellent, but I’m raring to go with another full on busy week ahead.

Today I want to talk about coffee and how it can benefit your performance in the gym, and also your overall health. I think this is important to many of us because I know that many of you guys are city based, in high pressure jobs with deadlines to meet, and probably drink your fair share of java throughout the day.

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Weights and protein shakes

Tip 1-

ALWAYS do your weights or resistance training before you do any cardio!

Firstly, this way will actually burn more body fat. The weights will deplete the carbs you have stored in your muscles and liver so that when you do cardio (if you really must ), in theory, you will more likely to tap into your fat stores and use your body fat as a source of fuel. FACT!

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