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Meet Katie….

Meet Katie Lowe aka Fat Girl PHd. who is one of my favourite people.

She’s proof that determination, a plan, consistency, drive, pig headedness (I’m sure she’ll be cool with me saying that), overcoming the lows with the highs and every other such terminology that surrounds the topic of GSD – Getting Sh+t Done!

I always liked the saying that goes something like;

There are three types of people in this World, those that makes things happen, those that watch things happening and those that say ‘what happened?’…. Katie is the first!

From over 290 lbs to sub 160 lbs and falling, she is literally half the person she used to be.

We’ve been working together to reform that 160lbs into a lean, not that mean, fighting and loving machine……..

So it’s time to hear what she has to say;

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Meet Ania….

Meet Ania everybody.


Many of you may remember her testimonial from earlier in the year. Since then, Ania has gone even further with her amazing results in the gym. To top that off, she just got back from her wedding in Poland and wanted to tell her story.

It’s a long testimonial but I wanted to include every word from Ania herself, rather than the watered down version.

Over to Ania…..

Ania Montage


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