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A New Challenge Is Needed…..

So I’m 40!

It feels pretty good really, actually it’s a cliché but I still feel like I’m in my twenties, just with a few extra lines and aches….. and there I was thinking I was bulletproof!

I enjoyed the focus I got from getting into the best shape of my life on my 40th Birthday this year.  Here’s a run up to that…. I followed that up with a Tough Mudder which I’d been looking forward to, in a sadistic way, but once they were over then the spark that a challenge gave me was gone.


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No Carbs Before Marbs

I’m off to Marbella in a few weeks.

I have a couple of great friends out there and so it seems to make sense to get over there to see them and get a little sun and partying done. It’s been work, work, work and very little play this year. I’ll have worked 17 weekends in a row! Time to address that and get some balance! No carbs before marbs. :)

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