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How To Have SUCCESS in Your Life

So we had a fantastic response to my question yesterday…

If you didn’t see yesterday’s newsletter, my question was this:

Are you more interested in your health or losing body fat and looking good?

Now I’m not going to go into your responses today, as I want to go through all the answers over the weekend and will write about those responses next week…

Some were surprising…

…but I want to say thanks :)

Thanks for the replies and also the kind words about how much you enjoy the newsletter content…

It truly warms the cockles of my heart to hear this and I feel very happy and grateful that we (Tom & I) can provide such value to you all.

For those that didn’t reply, now is your chance…

Look at the question and fire away^^^

I really want to know your answers…

Thanks in advance.

On to today’s content.

Your fitness/health blueprint.

Your upper limit…

Your glass ceiling…

We’ve all got one in every aspect of our lives…

Emotional, physical, financial, relationships…whatever…


A woman who is in abusive relationship, leaves the man and then gets together with another man who abuses her…

A person who earns good money, saves a little but always ends up spending it and more and actually goes into debt every year, always struggling…

Or the person that knows what to eat and is trying to lose weight…loses 5kg and then puts the weight straight back on when ALL they had to do was repeat what they did before…

…or the guy that wins 12million on the lottery and then spends it all within 5 years and ends up back on the dole and/or ends up as a guest of her Majesty.

True story^^^

Any of this make any sense to you?

I’m sure it does.

What is your upper limit in health/fitness/fat loss?

Do you believe you can achieve the results you desire?

Because if you don’t, you will always revert back to where you were before.

It’s like your body has it’s own built in thermostat.

When it gets too hot, the air-con switches on…when it gets too cold, the air-con turns off.

We are exactly the same and will ALWAYS revert back to our norm.

Our comfort zone.

The upper limit problem, the glass ceiling.

So how do we break through this glass ceiling?

Well my friends, that’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question :)

To start with you need to set goals.

You need to believe that you can achieve your goals…

…and you need a plan to follow.

BUT…sometimes it just ain’t that easy

Fortunately, we have an expert available to help, as this sometimes goes far beyond the depths of mine or Tom’s capabilities and knowledge.

Enter Chloe Brotheridge.

Chloe is a hypnotherapist who has helped several of my clients before…

She is an expert in her field and can help YOU with weight loss, stopping smoking, sleep issues, confidence, anxiety, fears, phobias and much more.

Check out some of her testimonials


Chloe can help you push through your upper limits…

Help you breakthrough your glass ceiling, whatever it is

Contact Chloe directly through her website and rest assured that anything you say to her will remain confidential between you and her.

I know she has helped a few of my clients…now I’m not sure WHO they are but she has definitely helped them :)


I’ll leave that with you for now…

Have a great weekend


PS. I put 4kg on in 7 days in Crete.

2kg of that has gone already…I cut all my carbs the last 3 days and upped my water intake to about 4 litres per day.

Peeing like a race horse from dawn til dusk is not much fun but if I drop those pounds who cares…

Contact Chloe for some expert help

Adios amigos

6 Things Killing YOUR Fat Loss

It’s Wednesday!

The Tony Robbins blog I promised you from Monday is ===> Here

I took 17 pages of notes over 4 days and condensed it all into this one blog post for you guys….check it out as I think you may enjoy it…

…remember, all you need is one piece of info that can change the course of you life.

In the meantime.

So many myths in and around the gym…

…so many people not getting the results they desire.

Here are 6 myths that are seriously killing your results from the gym and your fat loss.

#1 Eating carbs after 7pm will make you gain weight (fat)

Fact - it’s the overconsumption of calories that causes weight gain. It doesn’t matter one bit when you consume your carbs…BUT…you have to earn them

#2 Eating eggs will raise cholesterol.

Fact – if you eat foods that contain cholesterol, your body produces less cholesterol, if you don’t, it ramps up its own production.

^^^It’s very clever like that^^^

#3 Eating too much protein can put a strain on your kidneys.

Fact – Rubbish. Show me one “real” study that proves it

#4 Cardio is best for fat loss and toning (girls)

Fact – aside from a clean diet, weight/resistance training is the best fat burner. Cardio has it’s place….just.

#5 You can get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our food.

Fact – 100 years ago, possibly, but with modern day farming and mass production, plus pesticides and other chemicals and pollutants, we are just not getting the quality nutrition we need.

#6 A low fat diet will help you lose body fat

Fact - Good fats make you thin. Essential fat like fish oil and other fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds all play an important role in your health and quest for fat loss.

Basic stuff to some of you for sure, but for others….it’s not the case.

If you find yourself believing any of these, then have a rethink as it could be sabotaging your efforts in the gym.


PS ===> Unleash Your Power Within


What Is Your Gift?

what is your gift

True story.

One of my clients told me about a friend of his that dropped dead of a heart attack last week.

He was 49 years old and reasonably healthy.

There was no apparent sign of illness and BOOM!

Tragic, shocking and sometimes unavoidable.

Here’s my point….

You gotta have some urgency in your life.

Most people never use all of their “stuff”

Move on something today like there is no tomorrow because you never know what is in store for you.

Most people never discover what their true talents are.

Most go through life just paying the bills with a job that they don’t care for.

Most people reach the end of their life never having developed their gift.

What is your gift?

What are you better at than anyone you know?

If you can work that out, you should work hard on it every day, become a master and you will never work a day again in your life.

If you want something in life, you have to be relentless, always looking for a way to make your move and get ahead.

Live your life with passion and drive.

Many of us go through life with our brakes on. Past defeats, past experiences and our environment have shaped our life but we MUST break through this.

Develop a relationship with people that are doing what you want to do.

SUCCESS leaves clues, someone once said.

Surround yourself with positive, successful people and just watch what happens.

If there is something in your mind right now, as you read this newsletter, that you have always wanted to do but haven’t…move on it now.

Don’t be one of the ones that get to the end of their life with regret.

If you hate your job, change it.

If you relationships need to change, change them.

If your finances need taking care of, learn about finances.

If you need to lose weight and get fit and healthy, get to the gym and seek out your local personal trainer.

If you have always wanted to travel somewhere but have been waiting for the “perfect moment”, take action now!

Every single one of you reading this has a natural talent yet many reach the end of their life never having fulfilled their potential.

Einstein said ” Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it’s stupid ”

Find out your gift and live like there is no tomorrow.

Not in a reckless way, but with passion and a sense of urgency.

Don’t delay.

Whatever you do.

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