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Fat Loss Tips To Get Leaner, Happier, Faster, Stronger, Better!!

A fast read for you!

Some tips you may resonate with and others you may not. Some are fact (well as factual as science can be at this time) and some are just my opinion.

Use, discard as you see fit. I wrote them all while riding the tube to work and back and they brought a smile to my face. Therapy for me, if nothing else.

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Cardio : A Waste Of Breath?

You’ll have heard us mention on this blog, in our newsletters and in our talks that we feel conventional cardio is not the most effective way to be spending your gym time!

I see many of the same faces on the steppers for twenty-whatever minutes, then on the running machine, then on a stationery cycle, and finishing with some abs. Total gym time about 60-90 minutes. Total return on investment very little I am afraid (unless the goal is getting ready for a marathon/triathlon/etc)

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5km steady run or 5km interval for fat loss?

Having recently ran both a straight 5km and a HIIT (high intensity interval training) 5km on a treadmill, I thought I would explain the difference between the two in terms of calories burnt and fat loss.

Which of the two is more beneficial and why should you prefer one over the other?

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