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Meet kirsty :)

Happy Monday.

Let me tell you about Kirsty.

Kirsty came for a nutritional consultation with me a few months….

…she wanted to look at her diet and see what we could do to optimise her energy.

If we could help her “obtain a six pack then that will be OK too” she said.

I suggested she come along to our “Why Supplements” event as I felt she would benefit from this greatly.

I will let Kirsty take it from here.

“I have now been taking the healthpak from USANA for almost 3 months and the differences are significant. I attended the nutrition seminar and listening to the evidence presented and I was convinced.

There have been 3 significant changes that I have noticed since taking the supplements;

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11 Ways To Improve Your Health, Fitness & Fat Loss

I was listening to a great podcast the other day with Tim Ferris and Charles Poliquin.

For those that don’t know Tim Ferris, he wrote the “4 hour workweek” and the “4 hour body”

He is basically looks at successful people, people like billionaires, top sportsman and entrepreneurs and examines what makes them tick, their morning routines, picks apart how and why they are so successful in their field…

..and then tries to improve on that.

This is commonly known as “life hacking”

Basically getting something done in life, quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Charles Poliquin is considered to be one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

He has had Olympic medalists in about 18 different sports…

…suffice to say he knows his onions.

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Eat Like This = Look Like a Pregnant Water Buffalo!

I had a great response from Monday’s newsletter.

It would appear that many of you have left if to the last minute before your holiday this year to get in shape,

So the “one week last desperate attempt to shed some fat plan” went down a treat :)

If you missed this then catch up here <<<<====

BUT…I made a big mistake which was pointed out by two people and no doubt noted by several others…

I said to eat 75kg of carbohydrate when I should have said 75g.

BIG difference.

Like a 1000 times bigger.

Now I know you all like carbs…I love carbs, but if you eat 75kg of carbs in one day, which so happens to be enough carbs for nearly 3 years…

…you will be more bloated than a pregnant water buffalo which is not a good look, trust me :)

That aside, a few people asked why I had a mix of low intensity and high intensity cardio in the plan

And why was low intensity cardio even there when I always seem to favour high intensity

Good question.

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