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Do You Even Lift Bro?

Yes do you even lift bro is a phrase that gets thrown about in gyms right now.

But only 11% of us exercise or lift the other 89% of the nation would answer; “No bro”

Yes I am pretty sure if you stopped someone in the street and asked them if they think exercise is good for them that 99% would say yes… there will always be one smart arse in 100 that will try and argue black is white or vice versa for the sake of it :)

So I’ll take it as read that you agree that exercise is GOOD for you.

So why only 11% of us that do it?


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When Eating Good Is Bad!

So when eating good is bad…. what the heck does that mean?

The immediate answer may be when we eat too much or even eat too little based on our fitness goals.

However the answer in this case is not so simple.

Some of you may have read that I recently did a food intolerance test. If you’ve not then read HERE. It talks about what is about to follow, so do some research on that post and come back here….

……Welcome back

You’ll see that I had a feeling I may have a food sensitivity that was holding me back.

Well guess what? I was right….. sadly.

Sure enough my gut feeling (literally gut feeling) that I had developed a food sensitivity to eggs was confirmed. See below for my results from the IgG4 test I did thanks to Hollywood Nutritionist Steve Grant

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A New Challenge Is Needed…..

So I’m 40!

It feels pretty good really, actually it’s a cliché but I still feel like I’m in my twenties, just with a few extra lines and aches….. and there I was thinking I was bulletproof!

I enjoyed the focus I got from getting into the best shape of my life on my 40th Birthday this year.  Here’s a run up to that…. I followed that up with a Tough Mudder which I’d been looking forward to, in a sadistic way, but once they were over then the spark that a challenge gave me was gone.


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