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Getting More From Life In Just 1 Hour Per Day


It’s Monday!

Do you hit snooze several times, milking every last second you can from that warm, cozy pit of yours?

Or do you get out of bed when that alarm goes off with purpose, drive and motivation?

I’m not naturally a morning person.

I would much prefer to go to bed at midnight and get up at 8am if I could, but as I have clients most mornings from 6.30am, early starts have been thrust upon me leaving me with very little choice.

Three years ago, I would get up as late as possible, hit that snooze button and occasionally sleep through my alarm only to wake up with a start and realise I had fifteen minutes to get to the tube and arrive at my first session habitually three minutes late, stressed out, sweating and coffee-less.

Not a great start to the day if I’m honest.

I discovered the 5am philosophy from a guy called Robin Sharma.

He wrote the best selling book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”which I highly recommend by the way.

Check it out here

I was browsing on YouTube when I came across a few videos where Mr. Sharma talked about the benefits of getting up at 5am and working on yourself before you do anything else that day…

…and it really resonated with me.

The idea is that you spend the first hour of your day listening or reading positive, motivating and inspiring material as opposed to reading emails, the newspaper and other distractions like social media etc.

Within that hour, you should also use a journal to record the events that take place in your day and your life.

You write down “yesterday’s successes and small wins” and you write down today’s goals and what you want to achieve in the day ahead.

The idea is that you spend that first hour working on you and your life rather than being at the mercy of your routine and your boss.

Before you all groan and say “I don’t want to get out of bed that early and spend an hour reading and journaling”…

…consider the benefits

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This is Totally AMAZING! :)

We live in strange times do we not?

Over the last six months, the news has been dominated by an onslaught of depressing headlines.

Almost every week, stories about a scandal, a war, terrorism, a disease, a climate change, income inequality and a shaky economic recovery have dominated the airwaves.

What a world we live in.

But if you look at recent studies, we actually live in the most peaceful of times.

If we go back one, two or three hundred years ago and much further, previous generations would have be exposed to much more violence, poverty and destruction.

The difference is that we have 24/7 coverage of every single event from all over the globe.

This gives the appearance of a violent, messed up world that appears to be in self-destruct mode.

What you must realise is that news channels and newspapers focus on the negatives in the world because it provides the morbid reader or listener (you and I) a much needed service…

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Just Like Riding a Bike

Hands up if you can ride a bike?

Yes, everyone reading this can do that but what if we changed just one simple thing on the bike…

…like the steering.

What if, when you turned right the bike turned left and when you turned left, the bike turns right?

Destin Sandlin is an engineer who runs an educational video series on YouTube called “Smarter every day”

His team designed the “backwards brain bicycle” and he took it all over the world to many conferences to see if anyone could ride the bike.

Still think you could master the bike?

Do you think you could even ride the bicycle ten feet?

Or even three feet?

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