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Without This Fitness Success Is Impossible!


I originally wrote this post around Christmas, but it is one of the most important things I have written and needs refreshing!

It’s on a topic very close to my heart and in fact the heart of everyone of us as the underlying content effects each and every one of us.

It is centred on a group of things that will either guarantee our success in fitness, or relationships, or business, or whatever is important to you. The flip side is that if you get these wrong and forge bad ones then you’ll probably never get to realise your optimum potential.

Let me repeat that….


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……..And Breath

So now you are adequately hydrated from making Part 1 a successful habit and you are now a person of action from Part 2!

What you missed Part 1 and/or Part 2???… or you even missed the intro on what this 9 Weeks To A Better You is all about?

No problem, just play catchup by clicking the links and come back to Part 3 afterwards

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CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 1

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 2 

Now you may remember that I said previously that I was going to use some of my contacts to help me forge these 9 steps. Health and wellness is something to be looked at from a holistic standpoint in our eyes here at UCF.

Yes we need to eat good food, drink enough water, sleep deep sleep, exercise in a smart manner, cut stress, take quality supplements and so on BUT you may know that oxygen and our ability to use it is kind of important for us homosapiens .

I’ve spent time studying breathing techniques through the years and look to apply them to my day to day routine. If you are feeling a little stressed then you start to shallow breath, this is bad news for the body. Get some space and deep breath.

I could continue with this interesting subject but I feel I will instead hand you over to Mags who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes (excuse the very obvious pun) this subject in her life as a passionate yoga instructor.

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When Eating Good Is Bad!

So when eating good is bad…. what the heck does that mean?

The immediate answer may be when we eat too much or even eat too little based on our fitness goals.

However the answer in this case is not so simple.

Some of you may have read that I recently did a food intolerance test. If you’ve not then read HERE. It talks about what is about to follow, so do some research on that post and come back here….

……Welcome back

You’ll see that I had a feeling I may have a food sensitivity that was holding me back.

Well guess what? I was right….. sadly.

Sure enough my gut feeling (literally gut feeling) that I had developed a food sensitivity to eggs was confirmed. See below for my results from the IgG4 test I did thanks to Hollywood Nutritionist Steve Grant

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