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7 Reasons why women “MUST” use weights or resistance training

What follows are my 7 Reasons why women “MUST” use weights or resistance training as part of their fitness program.

Many women (not all) are stuck in the mindset of using cardio to get results from their gym efforts and find themselves not getting the results they desire.

First of all, lets look at some of the common myths and concerns that I hear on a daily basis in the gym and why they prefer cardio to weight training…

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Fat Loss Made Easy

fat loss

Fat Loss Made Easy

Hey guys,
I hope you a great weekend and are ready to hit the gym hard this week. I just got back from a nice BBQ where I went with the best intention to keep my carb intake to a minimum.
All was going well, 5 chicken breasts in, lamb kebab and I’m doing great…then the deserts came into view. Game over!
Anyway, I hope you all had better will power than me.
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