cipro prostate inflammation

Killer HIIT

A quick fat burning circuit that I performed the last week.

1- skipping for 2 mins
2- fast run on treadmill for 1 min (making sure to sprint for at least 10 seconds twice in this minute)
3- 20 burpees (jump up as high as possible)

Coconut oil

I want to introduce you all to the benefits of coconut oil.

There is a misconception spread among many people who think coconut oil is not good for the heart. This is because it contains a large quantity of saturated fats.

However not all saturated fats are created equally and the ones in coconut oil are not like the long chain fatty acids found in fried and processed foods that are so detrimental to our health. The natural saturated fats it contains are called  medium chain triglycerides MCT’s , more on them later.

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